Scalar, Vector and Tensor Quantity |Mechanics and SOM Exam points Lec-8 and Lec-9 Notes pdf

Scalar, Vector and Tensor Quantity

Scalar Quantity:

Those materials which only have magnitude.
Example: Mass, Length, Distance, Speed, Power, Energy, work, etc.

Vector Quantity:

Those materials which have both magnitude and direction. It obeys the law of Parallelogram.
Example: Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Weight, Friction, Momentum, Impulse, Torque, etc.

Tensor Quantity:

The magnitude, direction, and plane in which a quantity behaves or is defined in relation to its coordinate system. It does not obeys the law of Parallelogram of vector addition.
Example: Stress, Electric Current, etc.

Important units conversion

1 Feet equal to 0.3048 metres
1 Mile equal to 1.609 Km
1 Slug equal to 14.59 Kg
1 Pound(lb) equal to 4.448 N
1 Kg equal to 1Kgm/sec² equal to 10^5
1 Dyne equal to Gmcm/sec²

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