Pen Tablet Unboxing and Review | Veikk A15 Pro Unboxing and Review After three Months

Veikk A15 Pro Unboxing and Review 

VEIKK is self-owned brand which specialized in manufacturing graphic tablets and displays.

The A15Pro drawing tablet has 10*6 Inch active area, unique function dial design,12 customizable express keys, and battery-free pen with 8192 pressure, which has excellent performance.

On the tablet, you can sketch, design, telecommute, online education, and free your mouse!

Important Notice


Please go to our official website to download the latest diver.


Please uninstall all tablet driver before download our driver, then restart your computer.

Close all drawing program and anti-virus program before installation.

If your operating system is Mojave10.14 or later, please add the “Tablet Driver Center” into the white list first after installed the driver on your computer.

10 x 6 Inch Large Work Area
Ultra-Large: 10*6 inch active drawing areas. This gives you a more sensitive platform and more space where you can show off your creativity and talent.

Ultra-thin and light: The thickness is only 9mm and the lightweight is 570g, allowing for easy portability.

12 Shortcut Keys & Unique Quick Dial
12 Customized Shortcut keys for convenience and efficiency, save your time to draw and edit.

Function Dial: Switch between 3 functions: Brush zoom in/out ; Canvas zoom in/out; Mouse wheel up/down.

8192 Level Battery-Free Pen
NO NEED TO CHARGE: This allows for uninterrupted draw and play.

Supports a 60-degree tilt function, which can easily sense the tilt angle of the digital pen, and quickly achieve more realistic pen touch effects.

It provides at most 8192 level pressure sensitivity, RESPONSIVE, accurate and quick response. The pressure sensitivity also can be adjusted according to the usage habits.
The two buttons functions can be switched between pen/eraser and the mouse.

Type-C Port for Both Direction
The Type C USB port allows plug in and out with either direction which is more convenient.

More stable data processing.

Left & Right handed artists
Designed for both right and left hand users.
Kindly go to our website download our latest driver for your graphic drawing tablet.

More question please contact our online service.

Compatible with Almost Software
Compatible with Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Windows 10/8/7/(32/64 bit).

Works with almost drawing software such as Photoshop, SAI, AI, Autodesk SketchBook, Corel painter, Clip Studio, Comic studio, MediBang Paint, Paintstorm Studio, Gimp, Krita, Maya, Zbrush and more.

Support Android 6.0 above except Samsung, no need to install VEIKK driver on Mobile phone(you need to buy OTG adapter by yourself).

Package Includes
1* Pen Tablet
1* Pen & Pocket
28 * Pen Nibs
1* Nibs Removal Tool
1* USB Cable
1* Glove
1* Pen Stand
1* Quick Start Guide
1* Driver Reminder

Model: A15Pro
Working Area: 10 x 6 inch
USB Port: Type-C
Pen Pressure: 8192 levels
Pen: Battery-free Pen
Report Rate: 250 RPS
Resolution: 5080 LPI
Reading Height: 10 mm
Keys: 12 Shortcut Keys & Quick Dial

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1. Does veikk A15 Pro support Android?
Ans: yes, all veikk tablets are compatible with Android, must android 6.0 above except samsung.

2. Is veikk A15 Pro compatible to conduct class on Zoom on a windows 10 laptop?
Ans: Yes! It is.

3. What is the difference between veikk a15 and veikk a15pro?
Ans: A15pro: The A15Pro drawing tablet comes with multi-Function Dial,12 Customized Expresskeys, 28 spare nibs, one pen holder and 1 artist glove.
A15: The A15 drawing tablet come with 12 fully customizable express keys, 20 spare nibs and 1 artist glove.

4. How can I order just a A15 Pro pen?
Ans: this is link of pen. you can purchase it pen separately

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