World Bamboo Day 2022 | Theme, History, facts, Aim, Hashtags, etc.

World Bamboo Day 2022 

World Bamboo Day is celebrated every year on 18th September.

13th World Bamboo Day (WBD) was observed on September 18, 2022 to increase the awareness of bamboos globally by the World Bamboo organization (WBO).

World Bamboo Day was founded by Kamesh Salam as former president of the World Bamboo Organisation in 2009.

Aim of World Bamboo Day :

World Bamboo Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the benefits of bamboo and to promote its use in everyday products.

World Bamboo Day 2022

Theme of World Bamboo Day :

2023 - The theme of World Bamboo Day 2023 is yet to be declared.
2022 - The theme of world Bamboo Day 2022 is yet to be declared.
2021"Plant More Bamboo" // "it is Time To Plant Bamboo''
2020 ''BAMBOO NOW''
2019 -  "Bamboo for sustainable development goals"

History of World Bamboo Day :

WBD was officially established on September 18 at the 8th World Bamboo Congress held in Bangkok in 2009 and declared by the Thai Royal Forest Department.

Facts about Bamboos :

1. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing in the world. It can grow as much as one meter in 24 hours.

2. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and produces up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent mass of trees.

3. Bamboo was the only plant to survive the radiation of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.

4. Bamboo also help in improving the quality of soil.

5. Bamboo does not require chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or watering to grow.

6. Bamboo is a grass, not a plant.

7. When bamboo is harvested it will continue to grow with no additional planting or cultivation.

Significance of Bamboo in India :

India is second in the world in terms of Bamboo production. China presently occupies first position. According to NITI Aayog, bamboo assets in India have the capability to create economic activities of worth Rs 50,000 crores and generate employment for millions of person every day, especially in the rural areas. Currently, Bamboo only generates revenue of Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000.

Hashtags of World Bamboo Day 2022 :

#PlantBamboo #worldbambooday2022 #WBD2022 #WBD #worldbambooday #BambooNow #BambooisGrowing #KeepBambooStrong #InvestinourPlanet


Frequently Asked Questions on World Bamboo Day: 

1. Who declared World Bamboo Day?

Ans: The day was officially declared by Thai Royal Forest Department.

2. Why is World Bamboo Day observed?

Ans: World Bamboo Day is observed to raise awareness of the benefits of bamboo and to promote its use in everyday products.

Source: Facts on Bamboo
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